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The monitoring team has been doing an outstanding job by keeping our website running all the time on linux operating system, The expertise that your team brings for our infrastructure is amazing which is proven as one of best decision we had made to outsource our server infrastructure and that too with affordable cost. Thanks again for the wonderful services you guys have provided.

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windows monitoring

Windows servers have their own monitoring tools like task manager, resource monitor and performance monitor which are included within them. However the need to have external monitoring is very essential to ensure pro-active monitoring. Basically there are various editions like Windows Server 2003 , Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 which is latest and compatible with various applications thus stands out from Linux due to its capability to surpass it in various aspects. Monitoring windows server is very important to ensure everything is running up and resource usage in optimal.
Our monitoring tool helps monitor Windows Servers and other components like, W3SVC or IIS server, FTP server, SQL server, Windows processes, Performance counters and lot more.
With detailed reports, graphical views, alarms, thresholds, and comprehensive support we can maximize application uptime and ensure that applications run at peak performance.

Server Monitoring

Host Monitoring
Event Logs
Drive Usage
Memory Usage
System Uptime
Web Server

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Performance Graph

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Windows Performance Monitoring

Critical disk space on your servers can result in server unstable or complete failure of any or all of your install applications. Our monitor tool helps to keep a good track of disk usage on your server.

Our monitoring tool is capable of monitoring the any windows services like IIS, FTP, Mail, SQL , DHCP etc and at the same time alerting you in case any service is stopped or crashed. The important key here is fast detection of failed services and our Level-1 team reacting upon the alerts is instant.

Our monitoring tool is also capable on monitoring the state of any windows process like explorer.exe, W3SVC and at the same time alerting you in case any process is crashed or failed.

Effective windows monitoring with our monitoring tool offers the following benefits

  • Increased server services and application availability
  • Fast Detection of network outages and protocol failures
  • Fast Detection of Failed services and processes.

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