Quick Start Monitoring

24X7servermonitoring gets you up to speed with its lightning fast deployment with its dynamic dashboard & features.

Comprehensive Server Monitoring

Advanced server monitoring for server uptime  and usage statistics for web & application servers, databases, file servers, mail servers, & enterprise servers.

Dual Monitoring- Windows & Linux

Greater visibility for both Windows & Linux Systems, metric monitoring for CPU, disk usage, memory utilization, outages, crashes & much more.

Event Log Monitoring

View logs in real-time for event logs, monitor logs, security events, system failures, and DNS events.

Performance Monitoring

High-end performance monitoring and tw- eaking for complex applications & websites with easy & customized report generation.

Internal Network Monitoring

Resource monitoring of firewalls, applications, database servers, portals, etc.

Enterprise Scalability

Server monitoring software with 24×7 server monitoring is developed to scale up servers as per business needs & requirements.

Stringent network traffic monioring

Monitor traffic capacity in real-time for network optimization & bandwidth from a single console & integrated dashboard.

Alerts on the Fly

Get customized notifications for all your monitoring services, metrics and breaches.

Customized Port Monitoring

Monitor specific ports for programs such as Tomcat, Java, Media Streaming, etc.

Real-Time Monitoring

Instant notifications of any violation of any port, URL, File monitoring, log monitoring, application performance and much more

Server Management

Basic server management services along with server monitoring coupled with 24×7 technical support by our experts.

What is Server Monitoring ?

Information Technology Ideation is an important process at which point servers play a vital role to simplify and optimize processes as well as deliver performance, enhance business continuity and innovate things for a better tomorrow. Server Monitoring is one of the key parameters of managed services for web hosts and enterprises. Our team at 24x7servermonitoring keeps your IT infrastructure in check, healthy and ensures 99.99% availability at all times.

Our monitoring expertise and protocols scan critical check-points to keep your servers and data safe. Network monitoring solutions at 24x7servermonitoring ensures stringent audits of every device such as switches, routers, ports, firewalls and a plethora of other features. Be it a Windows ® or Linux ® system, an SMB or a large enterprise, our server stacks are supervised on an end-to-end, round the clock basis to monitor complex applications, databases as well as website monitoring. Knowing issues even before they become issues and resolving these bottlenecks is exactly what we do in our server monitoring solutions. Invest more time in your business and grow rather than simply managing your IT infrastructure.


Monitor your entire IT infrastructure

Monitor your servers, hardware’s, devices and other appliances with us. We monitor and support it all for you.

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Advanced Reporting

Weekly uptime reports and email alert notifications with proactive diagnosis and restarting services as well as third party monitoring script installations.

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24x7 Technical Support

24×7 Level 1 support offering to resolve problems and minimize downtime. Phone, Ticket, Email & IM chat support on a 24×7 basis.

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