What is 24x7servermonitoring.com all about ?

24x7servermonitoring.com is a subscription-based service that uses a global network of servers to monitor servers and if any service goes down our support team will come into action and investigate the issues right from the scratch. Support team will update you via ticket what actions have been performed to resolve the issues. In short we monitor your server 24x7x365 with live Human team and that too just for $19.99/Server/Monthly. Now that’s really affordable isn’t it ?.

Why Monitoring is required 24x7 ?

A smoothly operating server(s) is a vital part of your business and provides a distinct competitive advantage. On the Internet, a website that fails to deliver its content either in a timely manner or at all, causes visitors to quickly lose interest, sending them to the “just a click-away” competitor. Ensuring that all of the elements of your Web site are functioning properly is critical to maximizing your company’s Web investment. A website that is frequently inaccessible is likely to lose you business and destroy your customer loyalty.

What are the advantages of monitoring services ?

24x7servermonitoring.com provides a non-stop 24×7 support team monitoring of your servers and all its services. If any problem alert is observed our support team will come into action and will take care of it before your customers start calling you.
5 mins interval monitoring.
Weekly & Monthly notification of problems by email.
Quick and accurate diagnosis of problems when they do occur with our level I techs, If provided system access.
Monitoring from your monitoring tools.
Primary investigation for failed services..
Monitor as many servers with us.

How our service works?
  • Instant notification of problems by email.
  • Quick and accurate diagnosis of problems when they do occur with our level IItechs.
  • Calling the server provider for reboots and hardware related issues.
  • Order the Plan
  • Update the server details during the sign-up process ,Providing IP address and Reboot instructions.
  • One of our representative will get back to you with the access details and wil clarify if there is any doubts.
  • Active monitoring starts 24×7.
We monitor your server

We monitor your server(s) from different geographic locations within United States and abroad. This ensures that a local outage in one region of USA will not produce a false alert.
Reports: Shows summarized day by day results for the Server uptime. These are some of the reports available:

  • Weekly report
  • Monthly report
  • Reports will be sent to you by email. These reports give a clear view about the server performance.
Is your service guaranteed?

Yes. We stand behind our service with a 15 days Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our services within the first 15 days and decide to cancel your service account, we will gladly provide you with a full refund. No further questions will be asked.

Is there an initial set up fee to open a service account?

No there is no setup fees.

The monitoring team has been doing an outstanding job by keeping our website collegeabacus.com running all the time on linux operating system, The expertise that your team brings for our infrastructure is amazing which is proven as one of best decision we had made to outsource our server infrastructure and that too with affordable cost. Thanks again for the wonderful services you guys have provided.

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Abigail Seldin
Founder & CEO, College Abacus

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