Mail Monitoring

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Mail Monitoring

Essential email monitoring capabilities for enterprise scenarios

Inbox management or mail monitoring plays a paramount role to verify, if mail servers are functioning at 100% capacity. Unanswered emails can cause serious problems for organizations, and thus need to check their mail systems for employees to send and receive important mails on a day-to-day basis.  Company  stakeholders, vendors,  and customers need to easily collaborate for business growth. Email Monitoring services render clients, monitor response times between sending and receiving emails.

24X7servermonitoring delivers end-to-end services for SMTP, POP, & IMAP monitoring as well as troubleshooting downtimes related mail servers. For many enterprises, compliance and SLA has become a critical issue, and thus need to be assisted with professional technology ethics. Our tools identify patterns and problems and help clients understand and resolve their mailing issues from a server to client perspective. We are equipped with the latest Nagios Capabilities & smart interface that includes comprehensive monitoring solutions for server & protocol availability, accurate statistics for mail servers and lots more.

Mail Monitoring Features at 24X7servermonitoring

  • Accurate delivery time calculations.
  • Email server response detection.
  • Determine Inbound processing and outbound delays.
  • Complete report monitoring on an hourly, daily and monthly basis.
  • Frequents checks to ensure networks are in order.
  • DNS mail server resolution.
  • Easy to use Nagios Interface for clients to configure and use.
  • Greater application uptime and availability.
  • Super-fast detection of anomalies and failures.
  • Configure and monitor individual mail servers in a cluster configuration.
  • Complete monitoring of exchange emails for calendars, contacts, tasks, etc., and logins for mobile devices, and web mails such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Smart management of email clients with SMTP server interaction.
  • Easily deliver and send emails.
  • Instant alerts on unsuccessful connection handshakes.
  • Comprehensive tools to monitor incoming messages from POP3 and IMAP servers.
  • Point-to-Point server monitoring for sent and received mails.
  • Rock-solid SLA compliance.
  • Identifying ports for SMTP, POP and IMAP.
  • Enterprise safety by preventing employee disclosure of confidential information.
  • Delivers employee productivity.
  • Prevention of theft of critical information by cyberstalker.
  • Email backups.
  • Reduce spam by email blacklisting.
  • Notification alerts based on blacklisted domain name servers(DNS).
  • Keep tabs on your DNS for changes and hijacking.
  • Complete domain checking for various parameters such as web server configs, dns records, server configuration and much more.
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The monitoring team has been doing an outstanding job by keeping our website running all the time on linux operating system, The expertise that your team brings for our infrastructure is amazing which is proven as one of best decision we had made to outsource our server infrastructure and that too with affordable cost. Thanks again for the wonderful services you guys have provided.

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Abigail Seldin
Founder & CEO, College Abacus

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