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Mission-Critical applications need to perform as expected, delivering end users with high-end performance is imperative for greater business sustainability and success. 24x7servermonitoring has been providing prolific application monitoring solutions for various industry collaterals to manage and develop greater insight for a complex, complete and diverse application stack. With features that incorporate automated transaction discoveries, dynamic benchmarking, and diagnostics, we are well ahead of the curve to monitor and secure every mission-critical application right from the code level. We understand how application downtimes can seriously affect customer synergy, and thus provide end-to-end, front-end and back-end solutions from disparate silos with intelligent dashboards, data collation from multiple applications, memory utilization, bandwidth, etc. for your cloud, performance and IT environments. Our technical expertise identifies, measures and evaluates potential threats and abnormalities to minimize downtime by smart troubleshooting.

24x7servermonitoring offers a comprehensive suite of application monitoring tools with Nagios for multiple operating system dependencies like Windows, Linux and Unix.

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Our application monitoring technology
Deploy pre-emptive countermeasures
  • Fix issues before they impact business processes and clientele.
  • Smart dashboard to monitor Exchange, SQL Server and IIS, and various other applications with intelligent tools, scripts, graphs and maps.
Proactive IT monitoring
  • Monitor crucial parameters in real-time like hardware, response time, availability for Windows and Linux.
  • Support for key resources like memory, disk usage, & processing in real-time.
Lightning fast deployment & scalability
  • Build and monitor your applications in minutes.
  • Move existing scripts and Nagios scripts to modify templates.
  • Scalable modules for your growing requirements.
Application Responsive monitoring
  • Active monitoring of network traffic, latency, & performance.
  • Application monitoring, database monitoring, availability and error monitoring with stringent security and real-time reports.
The Nagios advantage
  • Greater application availability, quick detection for network outages.
  • Higher performance with Nagios core 4.
  • Easy to use customized interface for greater flexibility and ease of use.
  • Advanced monitoring with graphs, wizards, configuration snapshots and more.
  • Easy integration of third-party applications and API’s.
  • Regular Upgrades with capacity planning.

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