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The monitoring team has been doing an outstanding job by keeping our website running all the time on linux operating system, The expertise that your team brings for our infrastructure is amazing which is proven as one of best decision we had made to outsource our server infrastructure and that too with affordable cost. Thanks again for the wonderful services you guys have provided.

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Abigail Seldin
Founder & CEO, College Abacus

Microsoft Exchange Server Monitoring with 24X7servermonitoring- An Intuitive Inbox Experience


Inept enterprise communication, repetitive downtimes and data security can cause serious effects on organizational productivity, damage enterprise compliance and create heavy organizational cost drains.

Enterprises of all sizes require a rock-solid mail platform for efficient communication between company stakeholders, customers, employees and any other communication that could lead to company growth and financial sustenance. The Microsoft Exchange Server is a comprehensive collaboration solution for clients using a Windows Platform from any device. Expertise at 24X7servermonitoring deliver top-notch Microsoft Exchange Server Monitoring Services with Nagios.

Our team understands the importance of a mail-system and its availability, and thus deliver a powerful solution for users to own an intuitive inbox that incorporates ease-of-use, control, flexibility, security, integration and cloud deployment. We let you focus on core business strategies, as we monitor your complex environment for application performance and deeper insights into optimizing your exchange server management for greater uptime.

Our Offerings for Exchange Server Monitoring

  • Monitoring hardware parameters such as Memory allocation and usage, CPU performance, and disk management.
  • Windows Services Monitoring for Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Mail Box Management viz. sent and received messages, client logins, & user count.
  • Monitor memory parameters in terms of page read, page input & output, transition pages.
  • Remote delivery issues and mailbox expansion.
  • Inadequate IOPS and storage create problems in sending and receiving mails.
  • Choosing the appropriate RAID configuration.
  • Keeping an eye on storage volumes and databases to prevent mail failure issues.
  • Monitoring sudden spikes in email traffic caused by malware, with outbreak detection, mail filtering, inbox clean-up and alerts.
  • End user performance and checks on ActiveSync, POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, and more.
  • Troubleshoot outlook issues at client end-points with threads, searches, requests and response timings.
  • Consolidating messages (voice and email) into a single module for easy client access.
  • Monitoring mail box statistics with graphs for easy understanding.
  • Intuitive dashboard to customize and display critical metrics.
  • Mobile access to monitor the performance of your exchange server on the fly.
  • Consolidation of contacts from various places in one place to avoid duplication.
  • Threat elimination before they reach your network.
  • Multi-layered anti-spam filtering to protect against malware, spam and phishing threats.
  • Easily move to the cloud with an on-premises hybrid deployment for mailboxes to share calendars, meetings and more.
  • Support for periodic upgrades.
  • Complete monitoring of Microsoft Exchange Servers with Nagios for availability, performance and server statistics.
  • Quick troubleshooting of network outages and delay.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of inbox health for efficient mailbox performance.

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